Over the past 40 years, JB Symons has helped thousands of individuals and organizations find their purpose and achieve their goals. Here are what a few people had to say about JB and Getting to Why.

JB Symons wandered into our Quaker meeting several years ago, impressed us to no end, and soon found himself serving as an elder.  He raises the tough issues that need to be raised, asks the hard questions that need to be asked, doing both with such a deft touch no one minds. Even better, he makes us think his best ideas were ours. He has taught me, his pastor and friend, not what to think, but how to think, and how to help others think.

Philip Gulley, Quaker pastor and bestselling author of Front Porch Tales, the Harmony series of novels, and many other works

Using JB turned out to be the single best decision I made during my professional career. He is truly adept at getting to the Whys of our lives. Having identified those, JB’s strength lies in his broad strategic organizational and market knowledge that lets him guide leaders in re-charting the Whats and Hows. Our company’s customers, employees, families, and I have been blessed and are indebted to JB for the quality of his work.

George Clinton, former President and CEO, R.W. Clinton & Associates, Inc., Architects and Engineers

Getting to Why can help people of all walks of life find direction and purpose in a demanding and rapidly changing world. The processes presented in this book enable readers to look within themselves and discover what they need to do in order to create a fulfilling life. I recommend this book to teachers and anyone in a position to help others find their purpose.

Stacey Wissler, public school teacher, Fort Wayne, Indiana

JB’s ability to relate to people, problems, and solutions borders on the uncanny. It is not just the combination of his extensive knowledge and experience—he is gifted with insight and passion that adds a quantum level to his skills. As a consultant to me in my role as a Global Sales Training Manager, he was instrumental in helping me transform our sales force and achieve record sales. In my experience, there is no one better at personal or organizational transformation than JB.

Kevan Norris, clinical psychologist and consultant, Boston, Massachusetts

JB Symons is a true expert on personal development, personal accountability, and corporate leadership development. For over 25 years, my various employers and I have witnessed his amazing effectiveness. JB’s remarkable track record is full of helping individuals, families, employees, and employers understand the true mission of their lives, careers, and businesses. The results are solved problems, happier personal and professional lives, improved bottom lines, and improved company cultures.

Tom Bancroft, Director of Human Resources, Indianapolis Fruit Company